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The best part of buying our home is that I can now throw paint on these boring beige walls.  Granted, they are covered with colorful artwork, but still, there’s too much beige in this place!

I’ve got lots of choices to make but one thing I know, I want COLOR!  So, as I paint and mix colors around on my palette, I’m thinking about what would look good on the walls.  I picked up a few samples of purple today for my bedroom.  I can’t wait to try them out!

For those of you that love color, but shy away from painting bold colors on your wall, the answer is simple.  Hang vividly colored art on your walls and accessorize your room with colorful pillows and rugs.

As I walk through the remodeling process, I’ll be posting before and after photos.  Stay tuned!



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  1. I agree! I started painting my vases to day and then the call … “we need help with color!” Hopefully I can resume my painting later today. I love the colors in this painting Shelby – so free and wild!

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