abstract figurative, ballet, dancer, romantic, oil painting, contemporary, SOLD


16 x 20 x .5

Oil on Canvas

What artist isn’t well acquainted with “melancholy”?  Moments of sadness, lethargy, the blues.  As sensitive beings we tend to feel intensely  and sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming.  I live in a home with three artist who all have days of melancholy.  We try to keep each other encouraged, but we also have to allow for feelings.

I can’t help but think of the death of Robin Williams, we all saw the energy and the joy but what we didn’t see was the sorrow and emotions he felt behind the scenes.  We look at successful artist and we envy them for their fame, money, talent, and blessed life, yet we don’t see the loneliness, the pressure to perform and the heartbreak of failures.  We’re so hard on artists, never giving them any room for privacy or allowing them to have a bad day.  What’s worse is that artists are just as hard on themselves.  It’s not an easy life, even when it’s successful, and just think about the ones who aren’t successful.

For me this painting is about the artist who is feeling melancholy, tired.  She’s taking time to reflect and rest.  It’s okay to stop, take a moment and relax…breathe.  Take the pressure off and don’t do anything–rather than doing something destructive.  I’m not talking about pulling the shades down and going to bed depressed, I’m talking about regenerating.  Speaking softly to yourself and reminding yourself of your accomplishments.  Focus on the positive and regroup. Don’t allow the world to tear you down and make you feel “useless”.  Put on some relaxing music, have a good cry, and then get back to doing the things you love.

I’m preaching to myself here, but I hope it helps someone else.   :  )

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