abstract figurative oil painting


Oil on canvas

18 x 14

This past week, I’ve spent most of my time trying to get back into the swing of things after our trip to Paris.  It’s amazing how just two weeks in another country messed up our schedules.  It’s not just the time change, it’s the life change.  Like, I I’m no longer riding the subway everyday, I’m not spending hours sitting in a cafe, people watching, and I’m no longer walking 7-8 miles, visiting museums or historical sites.  It seems strange to wake up and not hear the busy streets below my hotel room.  No one is greeting me with, “Bonjour!” or “Bonsoir” and I really miss that!

I also missed home, painting and my own bed while I was in Paris.  I’ve caught up on some house work and spent several days reorganizing my artist studio.  Finally, I was able to get to the easel and paint!  Now, the holidays are just around the corner and I still feel like there is so much to do around here.  But, hopefully, I’ll get back into the routine of painting very soon.

In “Serendipity” I see my characters as two people who just meet by happenstance.  That meeting changes their lives in some positive way.  We’ve all had that meeting that somehow changes everything.  The day you met your spouse, for instance. Or maybe, we NEED a meeting that will set the next part of our life in motion.  For instance, my son (The Director) has written an amazing script for a full length feature, and now he needs to meet the right people who will help him get it made. Everyone needs a little serendipity from time to time!

Hoping you have a serendipitous weekend!


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