Big City

Big City

This painting is currently available!


1 inch deep wood panel

30 x 30 x 1


Let me tell you, I’m “feeling” this painting.  Lately, my little creative family is feeling the urge to move to the Big City.  Both The Director and The Composer  (my son and husband) need what only can be found in either L.A. or N.Y.C. .  So, we’re researching neighborhoods and trying to make a decision that would take us where we want to be in the future.

I have my own set of fears when it comes to big city dwelling. My first is SPACE. I need room to do what I do and let’s face it, the big city comes with a big price tag and little space.  N.Y.C. has tens of thousands of artists who desperately need space to create.  I can live in a matchbox, but I can’t really paint in one.  So there’s that.

Next, I’m not too good with large crowds and long lines.  I need personal space and that’s just not something you get in a big city.

On the other hand, I love museums, concerts, Broadway musicals, shopping, street performers, ballet and I could go on and on… the big city has so much to offer.  So much inspiration, so much excitement, so much more….

So, we’re thinking about a big move to a big city and out pops this painting!  I like it.  I think I might like the city too.

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