Up on the Roof

Up on the Roof

Every day I wake up and think to myself, “Oh my gosh! I live in New York City.” I’m loving it even more than I had imagined I would. Every day is an adventure!

I had no idea if I would like New York City. I thought I would be swallowed up by it and in some ways I am, but, I’m really happy that we came here. I’ve moved a lot–over 50 times in my life. Most of that was during my childhood around the same general area in Cincinnati where I was born. I’ve lived in 6 states as an adult, and not all of them have been places that I really wanted to live. I wondered what “another” place was going to be like. Would I like it? Would I regret it? Would the city stress me out? But during this process I’ve come to realize some things about myself, or maybe I’ve come to remember some things about myself.  It’s been 0ver 20 years since I’ve lived in this part of the world.

What I’ve Learned:

I love nature, but I’m a city girl. I get bored easily, I need lots of stimuli, and I just can’t stand being away from the action. I love that at any given moment there is something amazing to do or see in NYC, and if I really need to hug a tree, I can always go Central Park!


Another thing I’ve remembered is that I’m a northeastern girl. I love the desert, cactus trees, palm trees, California coastline, Oklahoma sunsets, and Colorado rockies, and wide open plains, but none of that ever felt like home to me. I’m a river rat. Be it the Ohio or the Hudson or the East River, I feel connected to rivers and bridges and barges-it’s just in my blood. Also, I love four seasons and not one long summer. I love vibrant fall colors that take your breath away, and I love snow.

Finally, after all this moving around, I’ve learned that I’m pretty good at adapting to new circumstances. Each time I find myself in a completely new environment, it gets easier for me to find my way. So, even if I find myself getting overwhelmed in my place, I’m confident I’ll be able to find my footing.


Speaking of finding my footing, I’m adjusting to my tiny little studio space that’s right in the middle of the apartment. I’ve been working out the kinks and trying to carve out my little world with the guys moving around me. I felt a huge victory getting this painting finished today.  I really need to regain my momentum and get more work done. One step at a time!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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